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At Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp, our mission is to provide educational opportunity to disadvantaged youth from Little Rock and the surrounding communities. Students can be considered disadvantaged for a variety of reasons. Hunger, family instability, lack of confidence, and socio-economic status are some of the leading causes of children falling behind the educational curve. We provide a unique learning environment located in an outdoor environment where students can sleep, eat, learn and play while learning tools that can enhance their educational experience.

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Kiwanis Club

The Downtown Kiwanis Club of Little Rock adopted the Kiwanis International Slogan of Serving the Children of the world and incorporated it into their lives, their interests, and their community.


Letter From a Mom

This letter’s purpose is to enlighten or paint a picture of the outcome I have by my children having the opportunity to experience life at Pfeifer Camp. First a brief background of myself: I am a divorced single mother of 3 sons. I will not say it has b...

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There are many ways to get involved! We thrive on donations, volunteers, and sponsorships. Click the link below to discover ways to help!